Despite his youthful good looks, Mukesh is a veteran bartender who has worked in various segments of Hospitality industry. From his humble beginning at a club Enigma while being an assistant bar back there he has risen to the heights of being headhunted by Cocktails & Dreams, Vijaypal Rawat and Kishore Thapar to impart flair training and perform at most exquisite events for them. His natural business sense, infectious sense of humor and positive outlook towards learning and teaching make him a perfect fit for his role today.


Rewinding a few years Mukesh started his career behind the bars and his enthusiasm was contagious as he worked with many hospitality chains & independent operations like Enigma, Zero Degree, Renaissance- Powai, Poptates and many such others. Soon he became an award-winning cocktail and flair bartender, winning more recently the Ambrosia 2009 along with the number of other national and international titles. During his career he has served drinks to scumbags and stars, managed and trained bar teams, worked in great bars and drank in better ones. With his phenomenal forte in flair he has earned to be a leader in the bar & beverage industry.


Flair best described by Mukesh is not just an art form, sport, or even passion for him  it  is his fuel that gets him out of bed and it is a mental state of mind that separates him … from all those around him. Mukesh valued that he has a God gifted flair for flair bartending. Having worked on it he is well known in flair performed for entertainment and competition purposes which generally involves longer, choreographed routines.


What makes flair exciting for him is that there is no "correct" style of flair, just different styles. Certain styles are more accepted and more popular than others in different parts of the world. Today Mukesh is training  student bartenders of many different styles and helping to facilitate understanding, acceptance, and camaraderie amongst students regardless of ability, style, or experience. Mukesh does believe that service should always come first, before flair-but that flair is a very fundamental part of being a professional bartender.


Today as primary flair instructor for “Cocktails and Dreams” Bartending Institute,  Mukesh  is non stop with corporate trainings, special events, and consulting everywhere. Also contributing to sister concern of the institute which is Bar solutions he has executed many events all over India & also internationally.  To name a few Derbi, Johnny Walker Race day, Bacardi “Be life & Mega mix”,  Lakme fashion week, IIFA Awards 2009,Corporate event for the Ambani’s , NItco and such others.  From huge stage production flair shows to intimate upscale affairs requiring finest cocktails in the world, flair fire had been lit by Mukesh in the exquisite elite ceremonies like Laxmi Mittal & the Sharaf’s family’s wedding. A natural and entertaining trainer and speaker, Mukesh  lives “Bar Culture” and is a walking encyclopaedia of the stories and myths that surround every drink .

His personal mission today is to encourage the performance and sport of flair bartending with a strong foundation of accuracy and service. Cocktails & Dreams has two major advantages; its people and its technology. Mukesh Khatri is a major contributor in both of those areas. In addition to living up to his description as, “the wizard behind the curtain that keeps producing all of the tools the rest of the team can dream up”. Mukesh has drive, passion, and enthusiasm and strives for excellence while maintaining good humour at all times.





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