Vijay Pal Rawat the co founder of. ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ started his journey by first excelling in the diploma course of hotel management from NIT College (Mumbai) in the year 1999.
Having worked as a Bar & Beverage Management Consultant and a Flair Bartender with reputed cruise liners & hotels such as the Taj Mahal, The Oberoi, Fariyas and such other in Mumbai he has extensive current & flair bartending experience and his hands-on experience .means that he passes on the insight required to his students which complements the learnt skills thus making the difference between success and being able to do the job.
Speaking of awards he has been the winner of Bacardi Bartender Competition (2002), The Most Professional Bartender of The Year in India (2000), The Most .Knowledgeable Bartender of The Year in India (2000) and many such others.

Vijay was fortunate enough to start his flair bartending career under the training of the best Flair Bartenders Jackie Woo Jeng (New Zealand), Mike Lee and Adam (Australia), Mike Tolley (UK) who had trained TOM CRUISE for the movie COCKTAIL. In the year 1999 Vijay was one of India’s first flair bartenders to be renowned all over India and he lives up to his reputation till date. He was a part of the first performance bartending show held in the metro cities of India for FHRAI function. (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi).

With his in depth study of Flair bartending he explains “Flair is not just an art form, sport, or even passion it is a mental state of mind that separates” you from all those around you” That’s exactly how he trains his students to be outstanding and he has contributed immensely in making “Cocktails .and Dreams” institute distinctly separate from those around.
Today being a successful trainer Vijay believes that “To be a great bartender one must combine the skills of a salesperson, host, entertainer, diplomat, circus performer and an artist. Employers demand that you be honest, loyal, capable, dependable, able to take instruction, to use good judgment, and to be neat and well groomed Your fellow employees demand co-operation, politeness, and tolerance Your customers demand courtesy, quickness, efficiency and a good memory.
No one is perfect, but if you have most of these qualities and are flexible in your attitude, there is a good possibility you could have a rewarding career in pro bartending.” With this understanding. Vijay has trained over 500 students and enjoys inculcating such ideologies in many others One of his fortes today is giving presentations on flair bartending for good colleges and institutions like NIT, Bhartiya Vidya Peeth, Anjuman Islam, Kohinoor Catering College and Dr. D.Y.Patil.
Modestly he likes sharing his knowledge of more theoretical, yet important, aspects of the bartending trade, i.e., product ..knowledge, customer relations, employee - employer relationships, management techniques, government regulations, a.nd current industry trends by giving interviews to channels like Zee News, 24HRS AAJ TAK, CNBC and magazines like Outlook, India Today, The Times Of India, Midday, Free Press Journal, Indian Express, Hindustan Times and Hotelier And Caterer. Also he has done video shoots for popular channels such as CNBC, ZEE TV for their career oriented programs.
Vijay along with being the Director of ‘Cocktails and Dreams” with .Kishore Thapar also manages the operation of its sister concern called “Bar solutions” with his professionally trained team of personnel’s. Today under his guidance Bar solutions handles all out door events, promos, high .end parties and is well known in the hospitality industry for providing the most practical, up to date & professional service available. Also giving ample industry exposure to the students.
Being the trainer at Tulleeho and such other renowned liquor companies.Vijay emphasizes the development of professional attitude and maximum career potential.
His passion lies today in `INSPIRING EXCELLENCE” by creating a supportive environment for all the students – he believes that success of the students is their success and he along with his dedicated team is there to ensure that every student achieves it.





















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